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We Want You Back @ SilverOak

If you enjoyed your stay at SilverOak and want to share your experience with your loved ones, now is the perfect time! By recommending SilverOak to your friends and family, you not only ensure that they have a memorable time, but you also get closer to earning a complimentary stay for yourself. For every 10 nights booked by guests referred by you, you will receive a free night's stay, which we call a "Rewards Night." With just 3 or 4 successful referrals, you can already enjoy a Reward Night on us, which includes continental breakfast. So go ahead and spread the word about SilverOak and start earning your well-deserved rewards!

Haven't stayed with us. No problem.

If you are a fan of SilverOak and want to stay connected with us, make sure to follow us on social media. By doing so, you can also enjoy the benefits of our Reward Night program. All you have to do is refer your friends and family to SilverOak. For every 15 paid nights that are booked by guests referred by you, you will receive a Reward Night. This means that with just 6 to 7 successful referrals, you can earn a free night at SilverOak. So don't miss out on this opportunity to stay with us for free by spreading the word about SilverOak to your loved ones.

Program Details / Rules
  1. If you have stayed with us at SilverOak - One Reward Night for you when your referral(s) stay a total of 10 paid nights with us during the Measurement Period.

  2. If you have not stayed with us at SilverOak but love us and follow us on social media. One Reward Night for you when your referral(s) stay a total of 15 paid nights with us during the Measurement Period.

  3. Measurement Period - The program will count the referral paid night within the preceding 6 months period. Upon achieving 1 Reward Night, Measurement Period will restart for next Reward night (no double counting of referral paid night)

  4. Either you or the guest who is booking needs to inform us about the new booking being a referral from you. This needs to be done either before the booking, during the booking or within 2 days of booking.

  5. Your identity for referral will on a combination of at least two of the following - Full Name / Phone Number / Social Media Handle

  6. Booking needs to be directly with SilverOak (not via any 3rd party booking channels) and 100% paid in advance. Cancelled bookings will not count towards achievement of Reward Night.

  7. Only one referring person will get credit for each booking

  8. Each referral needs to stay for minimum of 2 paid nights for each stay

  9. Reward Night can be redeemed within 12 months of qualifying. Reward Night has no cash value, non-transferrable and un-redeemed Reward Night will lapse after 12 months of achieving it.

  10. You may accumulate multiple Reward Nights upto 10 nights within a calendar year.

  11. Reward nights are not transferrable and winner (referrer) will need to be one of the occupants utilizing the reward night

  12. Maximum of two occupants per villa utilizing Reward Night

  13. Complimentary breakfast included with Reward Night

  14. Redemption of Reward Night is possible for any available night except for the months of May, Jun and Dec

  15. SilverOak team reserves all rights to amend the program at any time. Decision of SilverOak management on any disagreement or issue will be final and you agree to not pursue any other remedy

  16. This is an optional program with no formal sign-up required. Agreement to all of the conditions above are perquisite to participate