The Villas

Guest Villas

The property boasts two stunning ensuite villas for guests. These villas are sure to leave you in awe with their high ceilings and spacious 630sq ft design. Built with modern ideas, sustainability and ecology were also taken into consideration during construction. Every detail has been carefully chosen to provide the utmost comfort and luxury. Imagine waking up in the midst of nature, greeted by a breathtaking view of the sunrise through a 25 feet long sliding door that covers an entire wall. This experience is truly mesmerizing and will make your stay unforgettable.

The Walls

The building has been constructed with an ecological mindset, considering the impact on the environment. To achieve this, fly ash, a lightweight material, has been used in the construction process. Fly ash not only helps reduce the weight of the building but also possesses properties of low thermal conduction. This means that the building will be able to retain heat more efficiently, reducing the need for excessive heating and therefore minimizing energy consumption. By utilizing fly ash, the building is not only environmentally friendly but also promotes energy efficiency, making it a sustainable choice for construction.


The roofing material used is sourced from the renowned Decra roofing brand in New Zealand, known for its international acclaim. This particular roofing material is unique as it has a coating of powdered residual volcanic ash that helps preserve its natural blue tint. The use of volcanic ash in the coating adds an interesting element to the roofing, giving it a distinct and aesthetically pleasing appearance. This roofing material is not only visually appealing but also durable and long-lasting.


We have implemented a efficient rainwater harvesting system. The process involves collecting rainwater from our roof and filtering it to ensure its cleanliness. Once the rainwater has been filtered, it is stored in underground tanks for future use. This sustainable practice allows us to make the most of the natural resource and minimize our impact on the environment.

Joinery and Glass

The Joinery, imported from Germany, is constructed with toughened performance glass from Saint Gobain. This high-quality glass is designed to filter out up to 85 percent of harmful UV rays. Its advanced technology provides a safe and comfortable environment, protecting the occupants from the damaging effects of UV radiation and reducing solar heating inside the villa. With its sleek design and innovative materials, the Joinery offers both style and functionality.

Energy Efficiency and Safety

Energy saving led lights which are environmentally friendly. Plans underway to install a 10kw solar power plant.

To maintain the visual appeal of the property, underground cables have been utilized. This ensures that no unsightly wires are visible above ground, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Additionally, a lightning arrester has been strategically placed behind the villa at an elevated location. This placement allows for maximum efficiency in protecting the property from lightning strikes, as the arrester is positioned at a height that optimizes its effectiveness. By implementing these measures, both the functionality and visual appeal of the property are maintained, creating a harmonious and safe environment.

Remote Controlled Shutters

Imported light shutters can be operated (open/close) from inside the villa for privacy and safety. While safety is not a concern in general in Nilgiris, 7' height chain-link and barbwire fence secures the property. Individual remote controlled imported aluminum shutters for glass provide privacy and additional peace of mind.